Hiking at Malham

This has to be one of the most exciting hiking trips I have taken since moving to the UK. Mum and I decided to go for a drive while jamming to ‘Spirits in the Sky.’ The weather was amazing, and when we got away from city life, it was not just a breath of fresh air for the lungs, but for the mind as well. People that passed were all so friendly and not afraid to strike up a conversations. We got to walk through countrysides, through forests, look at waterfalls, and stumble upon trees covered in coins. We later found out that you make a wish on the coin and push it inside the trunk of the tree. I secretly stole a wish… I hope the person has not gotten some bad luck because of it!

IMG_5699 PSIMG_5881 PSIMG_5822 PSIMG_5767 PSIMG_5750 PSIMG_5745 PSIMG_5739 PSIMG_5726 PSIMG_5724 PSIMG_5712 PS

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