The Left-Side of Headrow

Around two years ago was the last time I had picked up the camera. Life just took over, you get busy with work, with a social life (but mostly work considering my lack of a social life), and before you know it time has flown by. However, I do admit with every passing year it seems to go faster and faster. Don’t you think?

It seemed like a nice enough day, and instead of being bored at home or playing Skyrim for the next six hours, I decided to head out into town with Mr. Canon. Thank goodness that I did, for my day was full of wondrous things.

IMG_6357 PS

I ended up making a list of the left-side of Headrow with names of all the places and restaurants I wanted to visit. Which turned out to be a bunch by itself. I cannot imagine what the right side of Headrow will bring me.

Starting off at Millennium Square, I found a little garden. What spotted my eye first was the exotic flowers that seemed to be growing there, next were the little birds having a bath in the fountain.

Let’s not call them ‘tits’ because that would bring across the wrong impression! Can you imagine if I started writing about tits bathing in a local fountain in the middle of an open square? Wouldn’t that be something!

Then again, I guess stranger things have happened. The other day my boyfriend informed me of a very edgy photoshoot taking place right outside his office building. Causing all those nice gentlemen to smudge their faces against the glass while leaving behind some foggy windows.

IMG_6371 PS

Seeing the little birds play around, and wash themselves, it brought on such a sense of joy. It really are the small things in life that make you appreciate the journey we are all on.

IMG_6386 PS

While looking around for restaurants, cafés, and other intriguing places, the list just kept on growing. Before I knew it I had walked around for quite a while, and I came across the St. John church. The sunlight lit the building in a perfect way and I couldn’t resist taking a quick shot. It ended up being the only picture that barely needed any editing.

IMG_6423 PS

Once the sky became a bit more grey, I decided it was time to go home. On my way I picked up some tourism booklets from the local Trailfinder for my travel journalism course, got my tips from work and headed back home.

While my time spend in the centre wasn’t by all means that long, it did make me realize how much I enjoyed, and missed, going out with the camera. It had been far too long. I guess it is time to do some planning for my next trip out when a beautiful day hits us again! Whenever that may be considering this is the United Kingdom. Which makes me wonder, can one photograph in rain without messing up the equipment? Fair point for research…

It is now time to crawl underneath my bed sheets, and have a nice lay-in after a busy day of making cocktails, milkshakes, coffees, and soft drinks looking and smelling like an old lady according my colleague… That sweater is now definitely going to charity, maybe that top too. Time to give my fragile joints some rest. Goodnight everyone and let us say our prayers that tonight Lolly will indeed make use of her tray again and not the bloody carpet!